Video Production and Distribution

Knew TV Productions will produce a shoot anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of pricing packages. We have a complete in-house staff that works on writing, production, editing, and distribution from concept through delivery.

Whether a network spot, local spot, music video, bumper, promo, licensing, video news release, infomercial, B-roll package, EPK, industrial or corporate film , KnewTV Productions will accommodate your advertising and production budgets. Our award winning team will work to provide you with the best quality product.

    1. Video Production: We offer the following services:* Television Production
      * Infomercials
      * Corporate Videos
      * Commercials
      * VNR’s (Video News Release)
      * VNR Broadcast Notification
      * VNR Distribution
      * VNR Tracking, Measurement, & Reporting
      * EPK’s
      * B-Roll’s
      * Duplications
      * Multi-Lingual Productions
      * How You Can Use Video
      * Still Photography
    2. Video Distribution: Using the KnewTV team to distributor your video production provides added benefits. We have experience and volume cost savings for distributing your video over Cable networks and Digital Signage Networks.

Cable advertising can be broken into two categories: network and spot.

Network cable refers to buying commercial time directly from a cable network (CNN or Comedy Central, for instance). When you buy network cable, your commercial would air wherever that network is broadcast nationally. Advertisers typically buy network cable when they are trying to reach a very large audience all at once.

Spot cable refers to buying cable in a specific market or other geographic area as specified by you and your ad agency. With spot cable advertising, marketers can pick and choose from various cable networks and from different geographic areas covered by the cable system.

Why buy Spot Cable?

You can eliminate waste.
Your ad dollars should be an investment, not an expense. And when your commercial is seen by people who you know wont be interested in your product or service, thats waste. The broader an audience your commercial reaches, the more wasteful  and costly  an ad buy becomes. By effectively using spot cable, you can reduce waste by concentrating your message in areas representing 80% of all goods and services purchased*.

The best of both worlds.
Because of the way cable systems are now interconnected, you can easily create a highly coordinated, strategic, awareness-building ad buy, while still enjoying the inherent flexibility, efficiency and targetability that spot cable delivers.

If you are a local or regional advertiser looking to leverage the benefits of spot cable, please contact a KnewTV sales person.

The Power of Spot Cable

The evidence is clear: since 2001, cable has held a larger share of television viewership than the big six broadcast networks combined.* And that share continues to grow. As a result, cable is fast becoming the medium of choice for advertisers, both nationally and locally. With its inherent ability to deliver key demographics, and more precisely, geodemographics, cable does well to meet advertisers needs to maximize impact and reduce audience waste.

The question then becomes, how should you advertise on cable? On a market-by-market basis, or more broadly via the cable networks themselves? Lets take a look at some general differences between national spot cable and Network Cable:

National Spot Cable versus Network Cable

National Spot Cable

Network Cable


Can run an ad geographically down to the cable system. Can run two or more ads to different market segments simultaneously (see Adtag/Adcopy)

Can only run an ad nationally

Scheduling Flexibility

Can choose multiple networks and programs based on target viewers

Have to commit to whatever audience the network delivers

Ease in Buying

Very Easy  one phone call, one contract, one invoice

Must negotiate with each network individually


Builds reach only in the markets that matter to your brand

Builds reach nationally in entire cable universe

Interactive Television Opportunities

Custom built KnewTV to create a deep level of brand experience

Not available

Promotional Capability

Easy to create local market campaigns

Can only create national campaigns


Efficient, targeted CPMs

Efficient CPMs

Apart from the analysis above, below are a list of common reasons why buying spot cable nationally may make sense for your media schedule:

Multi-regional buys  Lets say your major retail business has stores in a ten-state area. The region youd like to cover is larger than one DMA, yet significantly smaller than the entire country. KnewTV has proven experience and success promoting regional retailers.

Heavy-Up/Underdelivery  Major markets (or DMAs) are often the strategic focus of a given media plan. In this case, many advertisers choose to heavy-up to create added awareness and audience levels. Additionally, major markets tend to underdeliver using just national broadcast media buys. Therefore, many advertisers use spot cable and major market interconnects to compensate for these audience rating shortfalls. KnewTV covers 22 of the top 25 DMAs, allowing for effective compensation in most major markets.

Targetability With spot cable, you can truly hone in on your target audience, which, in most cases, is a more upscale, more desirable audience than broadcast can deliver.

One-Stop Shop  KnewTV can tailor a national buy across multiple markets and networks in order to surround your audience on the channels they watch.

Your KnewTV representatives are ready to assist advertisers in the strategic planning and execution of your media plans.

* Based on Nielsen Galaxy data 2001 to 2004, statistics based on cable household viewership.