Traffic Cop

Traffic Cop

Internet Presence Package

Traffic Cop – the Internet Presence Package includes the following services:

Web site analysis for browser compatibility, spelling, and search engine compatibility for site of fifteen pages or less. For larger sites additional fees maybe required.

Web site search engine analysis, tuning and submission to the top 10 search engines. This includes generating META tags for your Web site to improve your search engine listing and other tuning tricks. Including Title Tags, Meta Key Words, Meta Description and Web Page Body. The use of Frames can cause search engines to overlook the information required. Real Intelligence will advise and implement a strategy to address the use of frames. Real Intelligence will modify and submit the pages to the search engines for your web site.

Competitive ranking of web site features of your website and five of your competitors.

The Monthly Internet Presence Maintenance includes the following services:

  1. Weekly report of search engine ratings reflecting increases or decreases.
  2. On going maintenance of Search engine status and re-submission.

Once the traffic has increased and the search engines are aware of your web site Real Intelligence can provide a solution for tracking the leads and traffic to your website. Please inquire about these products and services.