Social Marketing

Fan pages on Facebook and Twitter updates are now proven methods of staying connected with customers. The creation of company branded Facebook and Twitter page is just the begigning.

We have created a special Social Jumpstart Package to get you started. This package creates a company page on the following four social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp.

We are the websmaster for Team Club Auto Sport a business incubator in San jose. To better understand our service you can see the list of companies and look at their company pages on the Team Club Auto Sport Social Page.

To get your own Social Jumpstart Package you can sign up here:


                                           Social Marketing Features

* Concept development
* Competitive analysis
* Facebook Company Page and branded page creation
* Twitter Company Account and branded page creation
* LinkedIn Company Account page creation
* Yelp Company Page creation and setup

Other social Networks can be substitued. Addtional social networks possible.