SFDC – Chatter Groups & Private Messaging between attendees

Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets your users collaborate together, talk to each other, and share information.

The feed (Individual/Group) provides a central point of communication for all members. In the feed, group members can talk to each other, raising the visibility of information and creating a record that members can visit again and again.

One of the most useful communication tools in Chatter is “following. You can follow people, groups, topics, files, and records, like “Event” and “Session”. When you follow people, you see their posts, comments, and likes in your “What I Follow” feed. People can follow each other independent of their teams, which helps collaboration across functional borders. When you follow files, topics, and records, you are notified when they change.

A Chatter feed combines the Chatter publisher and the feed. The publisher appears on the Home and Chatter tabs, the user profile page, and group and record pages. Your users can use the publisher to write a post (1), ask a question (2), and create a poll (3). They can also perform other actions that you make available to them on the More menu (4).

Depending on how you set up Chatter for your organization, everyone with access to a post can comment on it, like it, and share it (1). They can also edit, bookmark, add topics to, and mute it (2). People can delete their own posts, but they can’t delete other people’s posts nor posts that Salesforce generates automatically.

Chatter’s advanced search engine lets people find files, people, groups, teams, work records, and other information.

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