Real Properties

Facilities Management for Any Property

Managing real estate today is more important than ever. Customer relationship management (CRM) is mandatory if you want to beat the competition. Moving assets in and around a campus can be very challenging.

Real Intelligence products have been deployed and delivered impressive results at many customers, including Columbia University, Coldwell Banker, Alain Pinel, Intero, Geneva and many others.

Cloud Based Space & Asset Management of Large Facilities

The Real Facilities Application helps improve productivity and enhance inter-department communication of people, places and things.

Real Facilities

Here are some of the benefits that can be realized with Real Facilities.

* Reduce effort of managing over 10,000 move requests per year. The man
hours to track and implement the movement of people and assets in the
facilities can be substantial.

* Simplify move management. Use automated approvals based on defined
criteria to increase process efficiency, simplify data collection, and improve
inter-departmental communication.

* The platform with the Real Intelligence’s Real Facilities
application. Customers can leverage the flexibility of Real Facilities
with the extension of QR codes for asset management to meet the, objectives.

* Reduced lag time, eliminated desk side visits. Autocad floor plan files were
imported into Real Facilities so that real time interactive floor plans could be
published. This enables for different departments to view either read only versions
or if permitted ,editing of the information and status of a specific space or asset.

* Reduced Cost. Move requests can be managed with a fraction of the effort
required before

* Improved Productivity. The IT Group and the HR group are now “in the loop”
and can respond to requests and updates in real time.

Real Floorplans

Interactive floor plans can be created from import Autocad files to assist in managing assets in your facilities.

Dashboards for keeping track of MoveRequests…