The tools need for producing and managing a trade show exhibit or conference need to cover all aspects of a show. From initial budgeting to floor plan management and to final invoicing. The Real Shows & Events umbrella of modules covers your needs. For a feature comparison click here.


Understanding and defining the overall goals with the estimated number of attendees and exhibitors and the associated estimated and actual costs are sound business practices.

Real Shows & Events models and tracks your show budget and other information in a high level overview that can be seen by upper management.

Budget expense and revenue details are tracked by month.


Sales Orders are created based on closing opportunities an what an Exhibitor actual purchased. The sales order can trigger an invoice in a Third-party ERP system like SAP, Oracle or Quickbooks. The payments actually received can be connected back into a copy of the invoice that resides in Real Shows & Events.


Work orders are tracked to make sure that what an Exhibitor purchases is what they get when they arrive at the show.

Show Products and Price books

For all of this to work, a set of price books with a list of the products is defined. Each show can have their own pricing and discount schedules.

Booth Management and Allocation

Many different views for understand booth vacancy and occupancy are provide.

High Level Dashboards

Special pricing for education and charities is available.

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