Real Products

One time setup fee starting at $499.00

Annual fee of $600.00

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Websites currenty using the Real Products Shopping Cart:

Event Presence

Telepresence Rental Company


Recurring monthly subscriptions, one time monthly and hourly rentalswere implemented. A custom time picker for booking ties at tradeshows and conferencesallowed for remote beam pilots to choose where and when they want to teleport thems self=ves around the world.

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Club Sportiva

Exotic Car Rental Company

Securing the funds for the rental of an exotic car if the first priority for Club Sportiva. In addition, a monthly memberships, is possible with the Real Products app which has been in use since 2011.

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Delta Car Trade

Vertically integrated B2B – B2C “new carmarketplace”

DELTA Car Trade SA is a Swiss company founded in 2004 by a team of dynamic entrepreneurs sharing their passion for technology and cars.

DELTA has developed and operates a one-of-a-kind pan-European vertically integrated B2B – B2C “new carmarketplace” linking suppliers directly to over 10.000 car dealers (Auto-Source) and consumers to conduct dynamic commerce with real time transactions to source and retail, to consumers (Auto-Dealer), new cars from over 30 different brands.

Real Products was utilized for transactions in multiple currencies and langiages for dealers and consumers in France, Switzerland, and Germany

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Las Vegas Perak

eCoupon applicationwith Mobile Redemption


Serving visitors to Las Veags the Real Products app was integrated with a custom eCoupon and QR code for mobile reemption so that visitor would get discounts at Las Vegas attractions.