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See you all at the SmartNIC Summit where the team will be providing one of the KeyNotes, DASH Workshops, (Disaggregated APIs for SONiC Hosts), Panel discussion, and an announcement of features we would like to enable. Our collective goal is to deliver enterprise network performance to critical cloud applications for Software Defined Networking (SDN) workloads using the latest SmartNIC and/or DPU technologies. In leading and coordinating the effort, Microsoft has disclosed our complete SDN functional requirements and expected behaviors. The DASH community is in turn translating the functional definitions definitions into behavioral models and APIs which subsequently can be implemented by industry experts to produce multiple sources for this technology.

Name: DASH 2022 UpdateVisit Link with the details
Name: DASH GitHubVisit Link with the details
Name: DASH Announcement 2021Visit Link with the details

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For more than 50 years AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies. Billions of people, leading Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge scientific research institutions around the world rely on AMD technology daily to improve how they live, work and play. AMD employees are focused on building leadership high-performance and adaptive products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Name: Alveo U25N SmartNICVisit Link with the details
Name: Alveo™ U45N Network AcceleratorVisit Link with the details

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BrnoLogic is a spin-off company specializing in FPGA acceleration solutions for network packet processing algorithms. Our key advantage is in a unique technology to ensure effective FPGA utilization even for blazing-fast wire-speed processing of 400 Gbps and beyond. From packet parsing to filtering and traffic flow management, our accelerated DPDK SmartNIC solution works seamlessly with cards from various FPGA card vendors and requires no FPGA experience, making it the perfect choice for many developers of network processing applications. Our headquarters is located in the heart of Europe, in the city of Brno labeled by many as Czech Silicon Valley.

Name: DYNANICVisit Link with the details

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DreamBig is a chiplet based semi startup working on Chiplet Hub and DPU

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X-ScaleSolutions specializes in a range of high-performance and scalable solutions for current generation systems ranging from small deployments of a couple systems to multi-petaflop systems and the emerging Exascale systems. The mission of the company is to develop innovative and leading edge software products, with a focus on four areas: 1) High-Performance Computing, 2) AI, 3) Big Data, and 4) Cloud Computing. Innovative offloading solutions for HPC and AI to SmartNICs will be presented/demonstrated at this SmartNIC Summit.

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Chelsio is a recognized leader in high performance (1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400Gb) Ethernet adapters for networking and storage within virtualized enterprise datacenters, public and private hyperscale clouds, and cluster computing environments. With a clear emphasis on performance and delivering the only robust offload solution, as opposed to simple speeds and feeds, Chelsio has set itself apart from the competition. The Chelsio Unified Wire fully offloads all protocol traffic, providing no-compromise performance with high packet processing capacity, sub-microsecond hardware latency and high bandwidth. Visit the company at and follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

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SNIA is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of member companies spanning the storage market. As a recognized and trusted authority for storage leadership, standards, and technology expertise worldwide, SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

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Name: Supercharge your SmartNICs with SoftwareVisit Link with the details

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Xelera is a technology company specializing in network acceleration and security products and machine learning applications. The company develops and operates a performance-optimized software stack in cloud-native and data center environments.

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The Keysight Modern Design Center makes Chiplet design accessible from design to simulation and test using tightly integrated software and hardware that simplifies and accelerates time-to-insight. Our tools enable designers to create more complex and sophisticated designs in a shorter amount of time. It provides them with a higher-level abstraction layer to explore a wider range of design scenarios without having to spend time with manual and repetitive tasks.

Name: Maximizing SAI Potential with TestingVisit Link with the details
Name: Keysight CyPerfVisit Link with the details
Name: SONiC-DASH Use CaseVisit Link with the details
Name: Keysight CloudStorm 100GE 2-Port Load ModuleVisit Link with the details

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Napatech is the leading supplier of SmartNIC solutions used in cloud, enterprise, and telecom datacenters. Through commercial-grade software suites integrated with high-performance hardware, Napatech accelerates network infrastructure and security workloads to deliver best-in-class system-level performance while maximizing the availability of server compute resources for applications and services.

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The Open Compute Project (OCP) Community includes hyperscale data center operators and industry players, joined by telecom, colocation providers and enterprise IT users, working with vendors to develop and commercialize open innovations that, when embedded in product are deployed from the cloud to the edge.

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Canonical is the publisher of Ubuntu, the leading OS for container, cloud, and hyperscale computing. Ubuntu is the OS for most public cloud workloads as well as the emerging categories of smart gateways, self-driving cars and advanced robots. Canonical provides enterprise security, support, and services to commercial users of Ubuntu. Established in 2004, Canonical is a privately held company.

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Flex Logix is a reconfigurable computing IP company providing leading edge eFPGA, digital signal processing (DSP) and AI Inference technologies for semiconductor and systems companies. Flex Logix eFPGA enables volume FPGA users to integrate the FPGA into their companion SoC, resulting in a 5-10x reduction in the cost and power of the FPGA and increasing compute density which is critical for communications, networking, data centers, microcontrollers and others. Its scalable DSP AI inference is the most efficient, providing much higher inference throughput per square millimeter and per watt. Flex Logix is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has an office in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

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Arm technology is defining the future of computing. Our energy-efficient processor designs and software platforms have enabled advanced computing in more than 250 billion chips and our technologies securely power products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer. Together with 1,000+ technology partners, we are enabling artificial intelligence to work everywhere, and in cybersecurity, we are delivering the foundation for trust in the digital world – from chip to cloud. The future is being built on Arm.

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Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix is the only supplier to have both high-performance and high-density standalone FPGAs and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions in high-volume production. Achronix FPGA, eFPGA IP, and chiplet offerings are further enhanced by ready-to-use PCIe accelerator cards targeting AI, ML, networking, and data center applications. All Achronix products are supported by best-in-class EDA software.

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We create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. Intel put the silicon in Silicon Valley. For more than 50 years, Intel and our people have had a profound influence on the world, driving business and society forward by creating radical innovation that revolutionizes the way we live. Today we are applying our reach, scale, and resources to enable our customers to capitalize more fully on the power of digital technology. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continuously work to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors to help address our customers’ greatest challenges. Intel delivers a full portfolio of high-performance networking products including Ethernet, SmartNICs, and Infrastructure Processing Units.

Name: Intel(R) Infrastructure Processing UnitsVisit Link with the details
Name: Intel(R) FPGA SmartNICsVisit Link with the details

We address fundamental problems in distributed systems using protocols, data structures and algorithms inspired by Quantum Information Theory. Our market is next generation platforms for secure, reliable, cutting edge, distributed computing. We provide 5G network slices with a fundamentally more secure graph confinement architecture. Initial use-cases include Digital Twins, Multiplayer Games and Web 3.0.





Silicon Catalyst is the world’s only incubator + accelerator focused on semiconductor solutions, including Photonics, MEMS, sensors, IP, materials and Life Science. We accelerate startups from idea through prototype, and onto a path to volume production. We have engaged with more than 1,000 semiconductor startups worldwide and have admitted over 100 exciting companies. In addition, our UK government funded early-stage incubator launched its first cohort of 12 startups on October 1, 2023.

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. At the heart of everything we do lies the responsibility and the opportunity to build a sustainable, equitable, and more secure future for all.​