The Internet of Things has been transposed into the Internet of People, Placesa and Things. Each of these has an intelligence that can be augmented or assited with automation and either a in person or virtual experience.

Lets review a few solutions and examples of how Real Intelligence was implemented.


The identity of a person can be validated and acted upon in many ways. From using a Single Sign On (SSO) stragety to utilizing QR codes creating a user experience that is seamless is at the core of taking care of People. The devices a person carries extends their intelligence footprint and can take the form of a mobile app, RFID or simple bage with a QR code.


Smart location mapping and floorplans are then enhanced with sensors that aid in the tracking of temperature, movement, status and other criteria. Collecting and sensing then allows automated actions and other enahnced experiences with the People and Things around you in a given Place.


IoT, the Internet of Things, means that small and large objects can be connected to the Internet. Most of these are automanous like drones for capturing images or sensing therma for an improved management of vegitation such as the Real Drones application.

Virtual vs In Person

Remote telepresence, Zoom Meetings and Virtual visits are all now possible.

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