Flash Dashboards

Conveying value of complex products is often difficult. Abstracting the complexity and providing an easy to understand visual and intuitive representation of how a customer can benefit is critical.

Dashboards are user interfaces that organize and present information intuitively, usually with graphical elements. The information is often aggregated from several sources (databases, operational metrics, log files, etc.) and summarized. They are often used by decision or policy makers.

There are many types of dashboards. These include:

Executive dashboards which tap real-time data as they use data visualization techniques to bring those databases to life.

Business intelligence (BI) employing dashboards, scorecards and other visualizations that managers can better understand and manage their business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), deploying enterprise applications, dashboards and data access front-ends that require intuitive, easy to use navigation and drill-down

Spreadsheets embedding graphing, charting, and mapping into custom applications within the enterprise.

Operational applications embedding the above capabilities into their ASP, ISV, and professional services offerings.


Here are some additinoal examples:

Marketing Promotion Plan
The Marketing Promotion Plan is a tool that assists users in the design and development of marketing plans. Users can perform cost-benefit analysis of the various combinations of promotion plans created. This tool also shows information such as revenues, schedules, and performances of individual promotion plans from the previous period, acting as a reference and a guide for the design of a new promotion.


Financial Analysis Calculator
This “what if” analysis tool utilizes sales data and costs to generate profit/loss, break even, and other results based on user input. The chart shows real-time interaction of revenues and costs in the break even equation as the variables are changed. Dynamic visibility allows user customation of input limits.


Medical Plan Cost Comparison
The Medical Plan Cost Comparison was designed to give health insurance brokers, employers, and employees a simple method of comparing the wide array of California Small Group medical plans. With just a few clicks, you can find out which plan is best for the employee/member. Pre-built and custom ‘claims scenarios’ allow you compare out-of-pocket costs for each plan based on an endless range of medical expenses. This has proven to be a valuable decision support tool from pre-sale through the enrollment process. The beauty of presenting this data in Xcelsius is that the complex calculations are all hidden in the background while the interface is extremely easy to navigate.


Adult Mosquito Surveillance Interactive Chart
This interactive Mosquito Surveillance Charting Tool allows our municipal clients the opportunity to view current mosquito population levels by county, municipality, individual trap, and mosquito genus. Current data may also be compared to previous years. This single charts will produce over 1,000 possible combinations for one county. Note: The Culex mosquito is the primary vector of West Nile Virus. Compare 2003 Culex levels (Colorado’s WNV epidemic year) with years since.