Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
OMEM-201-1: Emerging Memory and Flash Innovations (Other Memory Technologies Track)
Organizer + Instructor: Bill Gervasi, Principal Systems Architect, Discobolus Designs

Paper Title: Emerging Memory 2023. The Calm after the Storm

Paper Abstract: Each year we look at all the new possible memories where they are and when the may emerge. MRAM is ramping into many applications, ReRAM being introduced into multiple embedded applications and Optane has been cancelled completely. Newer memories are not expected to make any impact in the next several years. So we have entered a era of calm after all the hype. We show the progress currently of MRAM and ReRAM, the projection for future revenue in both embedded and discrete applications. We show the impact of Optane going away and how it will be replaced in some niche applications and how CXL will address and replace the major overall value proposition. Plus we show the overall scorecard for all memories, where they are in the memory product lifecycle, and when the next emergence will occur

Paper Author: mark webb, Analyst, MKW Ventures

Author Bio: Mark Webb is principal analyst and advisor at MKW Ventures Consulting LLC. His focus areas are memory and storage technology evaluation and Markets. Mark is a recognized expert in NAND, DRAM, 3D XPoint, MRAM, ReRAM technologies and costs. Mark was previously Manufacturing Director in the NVM Solutions Group at Intel Corporation from 2008-2012 responsible for all aspects of component and system manufacturing. Prior to that, Mark was Product Quality and Reliability Manager at IM Flash Technologies from 2006-2008. From 1989 to 2006, Mark held a variety of positions at Intel Corporation in Process Logic and Memory Integration and Product Engineering.