Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
DSEC-203-1: Cyber Resiliency and Systems - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You (Data Security and Protection Track)
Chairperson + Speaker: Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst, Evaluator Group

Organizer: Camberley Bates, VP and Practice Lead, Futurum Group

Paper Title: Reduce Ransomware Exposure with Comprehensive Storage Cyber Resilience

Paper Abstract: In 2022, cyberattacks reached an all-time high increasing 38% YoY. 60% of fortune 500 CEOs expect a severe risk of a cyber attack and 60% of businesses will pay the ransom. Your enterprise storage should be a critical element in your overall corporate cyber security strategy. With the length of a cyber attack,from incursion to resolution, being up to 287 days, not having cyber resilient storage leaves a huge security gap. Learn about the critical components your storage estate needs for rock solid cyber resilience for your entire storage environment.

Paper Author: David Nicholson, Field CTO Americas, Infinidat

Author Bio: David Nicholson has spent the last 30 years at the leading edge of information technology, helping organizations craft, articulate and implement their visions. Currently, David is Infinidat's Americas Field CTO, as well as serving as adjunct faculty at Wharton's CTO Academy and as a periodic host of SiliconANGLE Media's "theCube".