Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
BMKT-203-1: Case Studies (Business Strategies and Memory Markets Track)
Paper Title: Enabling Performant, dense and reliable Storage for AI & HPC

Paper Abstract: A leading AI infrastructure cloud service provider had major challenges with storage with respect to growth, performance and availability. Pliops was able to provide a storage solution which increased storage density by 8x, drive rebuild efficiency by 7x with 2x faster recovery times, maximize drive endurance, and reduce the cost per TB by 33% Another HPC customer was unable to utilize the full resolution of their tomographic imaging used for structural material analysis due to storage bottlenecks. With Pliops storage solution, they were not only able to get the required performance to utilize the full resolution during regular operation, but also during drive rebuilds!

Paper Author: Tony Afshary, Head of Marketing, Pliops

Author Bio: Tony Afshary is a veteran of Storge Industry for the past 25 years. Tony is the Global VP of Product Management & Marketing at Pliops where he leads all Product Planning, Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Solutions Engineering functions. Tony has been at Pliops since 2019. Before Pliops, Tony was with Seagate for 5 years as the Director of Product Marketing & Ecosystem Solutions. He led the Product Marketing & Solutions Engineering for Seagate’s SSD portfolio. Prior to that, Tony was with LSI for seven years and was the Director of Tech Marketing for Server and Network Storage products. He was also one of the founders of the Nytro Accelerator business and held multiple marketing and engineering roles to bring this technology from concept to production and quick market adoption. Tony also held various roles at Intel for 11 years including managing the tech-marketing and development activities for both Intel storage and communication products. Afshary received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as an MBA from Arizona State University.