Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
NVME-201-1: Computational Storage and Subsystem Local Memory (NVM Express Track)
Chairperson + Speaker: Bill Martin, Principal Engineer SSD I/O Standards, Samsung Electronics

Paper Title: Computational Storage & Subsystem Local Memory

Paper Abstract: Learn what is happening in NVMe to support Computational Storage devices. Computational Storage requires two new command sets: The Computational Programs Command Set and the Subsystem Local Memory Command Set. We will introduce you to how these two command sets work together, the details of each command set, and how they fit within the NVMe I/O Command Set architecture. We will then discuss use cases that show how system performance and efficiency can be improved through the use of NVMe Computational Storage.

Paper Author: Jason Molgaard, Principal Storage Solutions Architect, Solidigm
Kim Malone, Storage Software Architect, Intel

Author Bio: Jason Molgaard is an experienced storage controller architect having worked for various storage device companies architecting and designing HDD and SSD storage controllers. As a Principal Storage Solutions Architect on the Solidigm Pathfinding and Advanced Development Team, Jason focuses on future storage controller architectures and technologies, including Computational Storage and CXL. Jason is also co-chair of the SNIA Computational Storage TWG and helps drive the Computational Storage standard. Jason holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Author 2 Bio: