Wednesday, August 9th
9:45-10:50 AM
NVME-202-1: How to Use an Encryption Key Per IO and Flexible Data Placement (NVM Express Track)
Paper Title: Flexible Data Placement (FDP) Overview

Paper Abstract: "Please join Mike Allison, the lead author of the technical proposal, as he provides an overview of the ratified NVM Express® TP4146 FDP and shows how to capitalize on lower WAF, extended endurance, and improved write performance of SSDs. This presentation covers: - How to configure and enable FDP - How to manage FDP resources across multiple namespaces - The behavior of writing to the drive by software that does and does not utilize FDP - The differences between FDP, zoned namespaces, and streams"

Paper Author: Chris Sabol, Software Architect, Google
Mike Allison, Sr. Director, Samsung Electronics
Ross Stenfort, Hardware Systems Engineer, Storage, Meta

Author Bio: Chris Sabol is a Software Architect at Google

Author 2 Bio: Mike Allison is a Sr. Director in the Samsung DSA Product Planning and Business Enablement team focusing on standards for existing and future products. He has been a participating member of NVM Express® (NVMe) since 2016, chair of the new NVMe Errata Task Group, co-author of many technical proposals, author of many ECNs, and the principle editor for NVM Express Base Specification 1.4 initial release. For over 38 years, Mike has been an embedded firmware engineer and architect working on systems and simulations for laser beam recorders, fighter aircraft, graphics cards, high end servers, and is now focusing on Solid State Drives. He holds 31 patents in graphics, servers, and storage. He has earned a BSEE/CS at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Author 3 Bio: Ross Stenfort is a Hardware System Engineer at Meta delivering scalable storage solutions. He has been involved in development of storage systems, SSDs, ROCs, HBAs and HDDs with many successful products and over 40 patents. He has storage experience in both large and small companies including CNEX, Seagate, LSI, SandForce, SiliconStor and Adaptec. He has a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.