Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
SOFT-201-1: Open Source Innovation Part 1 (Software for Storage and Memory Track)
Organizer: Javier Gonzalez, Principal Software Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Paper Title: Enabling data placement in Cachelib using FDP

Paper Abstract: Flexible Data Placement(FDP) using NVMe is the latest technology in the field of Data Placement in SSDs. FDP enables the host to efficiently perform the data placement on the device, at the same time minimizing the changes on the host. This talk is about integrating FDP to Cachelib software from Meta, to help it to reduce the Write Amplification Factor on the SSD device. Cachelib is an open source caching engine, which makes use of DRAM and SSD devices. The SSD layer of Cachelib has a small and a large item engines. In the state of the art, the SSD friendly sequential write of the large item engine is intermixed with the frequent, small updates from the small item engine at the physical NAND block level. This results in bad garbage collection performance at the SSD, amounting to higher WAF and thus increasing the over provisioning requirements to solve this scenario. This talk explains how FDP could help Cachelib in segragating those data at the physical level, and help to achieve a reduced WAF. This talk also shows that integrating FDP did not require any changes in the core logic or APIs of Cachelib.

Paper Author: Arun George, Senior Staff Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Author Bio: Arun George is a Software Architect at Samsung Semiconductor India Research. His current focus is on industry collaborations, research on open-source storage software, and emerging technologies. He has 18 years of industry experience involving various host software, device firmware, and software-defined storage solutions. He is also the author of 9 patents in the field.