Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
SUST-201-1: Sustainable Data Centers and Energy Efficiency Part 1 (Sustainability Track)
Organizer + Chairperson: Wayne M. Adams, SNIA Chairman Emeritus, SNIA

Paper Title: Maximizing Energy Efficiency for High Fidelity Storage Platforms

Paper Abstract: Sustainability and efficiency are increasingly important metrics when evaluating SSDs, all the more emphasized by the current global energy crisis. Considering IOPS/Watt at the drive level is important, but we must also consider the hardware and software driving the IOPS. With modern x86 data center processors consuming up to 350 Watts per socket (trending up), the energy component of an IO attributed to the host is significant. In this talk, we discuss techniques for measuring and optimizing the host component of the IOPS/Watt metric. We then compare the energy efficiency and performance of both x86 and Ampere's Arm-based host CPUs using common synchronous and asynchronous storage engines. We show how the choice of host CPU and storage engine factor into a more holistic system-level view of the IOPS/Watt measurement, and we will emphasize the role that Arm-based high performance CPUs can play in building more sustainable storage and compute platforms.

Paper Author: Mike Bennet, Solution Architect, Ampere Computing

Author Bio: Mike Bennett is a Solution Architect at Ampere Computing helping customers understand the scale out performance and sustainability benefits of Cloud-Native processors. Before becoming a Solution Architect he spent 13 years working the operations side of Enterprise IT.