Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
BMKT-203-1: Case Studies (Business Strategies and Memory Markets Track)
Paper Title: SSD Use Case Evolution for Cloud and Enterprise

Paper Abstract: (Original title: "Rethink the swimlanes - learnings from SSD evolution") The SSD market has evolved over the last decade. At the beginning it was perceived without a 30 DWPD spec, enterprise cannot think of adopting this new storage technology, vendor purchase specs also continued to show very high concurrency maximum bandwidth specs as a drop dead minimum. SSD vendors has somewhat normalized these specs to what we currently know as "industry standard," but are we over-burdening these SSDs with requirements not really fully utilized for real life deployment? It is now a time to rethink about the swimlanes of standard endurance and medium endurance that we defined and see whether there is room to improve on how we segmentize a very vast landscape of cloud and enterprise storage use case. Session will look into not only the design criteria to achieve performance and endurance level that has the right impact for real life use case but also expand into the area of data integrity.

Paper Author: Tahmid Rahman, Director of Product Marketing, Solidigm

Author Bio: Tahmid Rahman is serving as the Director of Product Marketing at Solidigm Technology . His primary responsibilities include product positioning, benchmarking and customer requirement integration for current and future products. He has a bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Texas A&M respectively. He also holds an MBA from University of California, Davis. He loves outdoor activities including sightseeing and hiking.