Wednesday, August 9th
9:45-10:50 AM
OMEM-202-1: Life Beyond Flash (Other Memory Technologies Track)
Paper Title: Feature extraction from disturbed algorithmic patterns for DNA data storage

Paper Abstract: Because the amount of digital data being generated in the world is growing exponentially, existing storage devices will face the limit of storage capacity in near future. Consequently, it is required that new data storage technology has to be devised and developed. As DNA base sequencing technology grows rapidly, DNA molecules which show extremely high information density are considered as one of candidate materials to replace silicon-based data storage devices. Here, we propose efficient way to extract features from disturbed algorithmic patterns and quantitatively compare them with original patterns for understanding of similar search of given patterns. We conduct experiment to extract DNA strand, which have similar complementary base sequence with a query strand among many other DNA strands represented to algorithmic pattern in a given test tube. DNA extracting is controlled by a magnet with magnetic beads. DNA sequencing from extracted DNA is conducted through NGS technique. Our experimental results show the advantage of being able to search in large-scale databases using the feature characteristics of data stored as DNA.

Paper Author: Suyoun Park, Postdoctoral researcher, Sungkyunkwan University

Author Bio: Suyoun Park is Postdoctoral Researcher at Sungkyunkwan University. Her research interests are DNA data storage and DNA nanotechnology. She obtained Ph.D at Department of Physics of Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea.