Wednesday, August 9th
9:45-10:50 AM
SUST-202-1: Sustainable Data Centers and Energy Efficiency Part 2 (Sustainability Track)
Chairperson + Speaker: Tejas Chopra, Sr. Software Engineer, Netflix

Organizer: Wayne M. Adams, SNIA Chairman Emeritus, SNIA

Paper Title: Building Sustainable Data Centers with Innovative Technology

Paper Abstract: As major global consumers of electricity, data centers play a key role in climate change the data center industry's power consumption strategy is of interest to all organizations of all sizes due to carbon-neutral goals. Environmental sustainability is not just the focus of the corporate social responsibility team, it should be ingrained in all professionals for doing good for the planet and good for the business. The single largest factor that unlocks the potential for green power is to increase the efficiency of typical data centers by meeting the needs of data growth and business applications performance demands. Enabling these servers and applications to increase their efficiency to process more transactions and store more data to meet data growth demands is of paramount importance to avoid server and data center sprawl and its ever-increasing power consumption. In this session, we walk through the two hyper scaler customer scenarios of how they address data-intensive applications to reduce server growth and still meet desired user transaction and data growth demands using as an example the Pliops Data Services' portfolio of products. The overall number of servers and their power consumption in a data center is greatly diminished thereby improving the organization's server utilization and IT carbon efficiency.

Paper Author: Prasad Venkatachar, Solutions Director, Pliops

Author Bio: Experienced IT professional with 20 years of combined experience in Product Strategy, Management, Marketing, Solution Architecture, and IT Services. In these 20 years of progressive experiences launched multiple industry-leading databases, Data warehouses, Data Lake & AI/ML products, and solutions collaborating with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cloudera, and ISV partners to grow revenue & gain market share. Served fortune 500 enterprise customers to deliver business value outcomes through technical & financial benefits for Datacenter and Cloud deployments. Microsoft Data and AI Partner Advisory Council Member and served as a Member of Lenovo Technology Innovation. A regular speaker in Industry Conferences: Microsoft Ignite, Oracle Open World, Developer conferences: Pass Summit, Oracle users group, and Flash memory Summit.