Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
BMKT-203-1: Case Studies (Business Strategies and Memory Markets Track)
Paper Title: Complex Cloud Environments Demand Storage that Exceeds Expectations

Paper Abstract: Enterprise IT and service providers working with complex environments that demand massive I/O parallelization, reliability, and low latency at scale are faced with the challenge of deploying and running clouds that rival the hyperscalers. Traditional dual-controller shared-disk storage arrays and software-defined storage products were suitable years ago but fall short of meeting today’s growing data demands cost-effectively. Join us as we share insights from conversations with cloud builders about specific challenges they face and why the traditional storage architecture is failing them at scale, whether they are building private, public, or hybrid clouds. We’ll also cover best practices for choosing the right storage solution based on your requirements while reducing cycles spent for continuous workload monitoring, workload rebalancing between data silos, handling performance degradation caused by usable capacity consumption, and labor-intensive data migrations during hardware refresh cycles – with fewer people and without breaking the budget.

Paper Author: Alex Ivanov, Product Lead, StorPool Storage

Author Bio: Alex Ivanov is the Product Lead at StorPool Storage and is responsible for the product strategy and tactics at the company. He has experience in the storage market and a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of businesses managing large-scale clouds to run diverse, mission-critical workloads. At StorPool, he works closely with the team to evolve the StorPool primary storage platform and expand its capabilities and usefulness for various use cases. His goal - ensure StorPool cost-effectively delivers above and beyond what is possible with other primary storage products to help customers achieve their commercial and technical goals.