Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
BMKT-203-1: Case Studies (Business Strategies and Memory Markets Track)
Paper Title: Economy, geopolitics to dominate 2023 DRAM market game theory

Paper Abstract: This overview covers the DRAM market and price in 2023 under economic recession and geopolitics. It examines the current state of DRAM supply and demand, and how DRAM price will fluctuate under these struggles. The discussion includes DDR5's opportunities and Artificial Intelligence, as well as major DRAM supplier strategies, capacity changes, and overall supply and demand growth rates. Despite the challenging market, DDR5 is expected to expand as the new process moves towards 1anm and 1bnm. Opportunities for related products in the AI sector, such as GPU or HBM, are also discussed.

Paper Author: Avril Wu, Senior Research Vice President, TrendForce Corp.

Author Bio: TrendForce Research Vice President Avril Wu has well over a decade of professional experience specializing in various aspects of memory product research. Prior to her 10-year tenure with TrendForce, Avril had worked with an established memory company for more than two years, also covering the same sector. Despite focusing on the DRAM market initially, Avril extended her expertise in 2019 to include NAND Flash as well, meaning she is currently more than qualified to cover the entire memory sector.