Wednesday, August 9th
3:30-4:35 PM
DSEC-203-1: Cyber Resiliency and Systems - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You (Data Security and Protection Track)
Chairperson + Speaker: Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst, Evaluator Group

Organizer: Camberley Bates, VP and Practice Lead, Futurum Group

Paper Title: Back to Basics: Hardware as the foundation of digital trust

Paper Abstract: While most cybersecurity solutions in the market are software-based solutions, we advocate a hardware proactive approach at Physical Layer. Reason being, software is no longer sufficient as we continue to witness big companies fall victim to cyber attack especially ransomware. This is further proven when we look into the overall cybersecurity infrastructure from the perspective of the OSI layer. The current world cybersecurity solutions more or less are the same, they address the cybersecurity issue from the external layers which is a constantly changing environment. In this sharing, we aim to educate the market industry players on the unaddressed issue of current cybersecurity solutions at the same time to share why and how this concept is a breakthrough in detail. This new approach has led us to be invited by The White House to share during the Counter Ransomware Summit last year.

Paper Author: Dr. Erik A. Nilsen, PhD, Chief Technology Strategist, Flexxon

Author Bio: An industry veteran with almost three decades of experience, Erik works closely with Flexxon executive management and Research and Development (R&D) team to design and deploy technological roadmaps for its value-driven cybersecurity innovations, with a focus on the US market. He will also advise on the Company’s ongoing work with its regional partners and customers to synthesize their needs and pain points with tailored solutions.