Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
SOFT-201-1: Open Source Innovation Part 1 (Software for Storage and Memory Track)
Organizer: Javier Gonzalez, Principal Software Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Paper Title: Overview of CXL support in the Linux Kernel

Paper Abstract: CXL is an intriguing new interconnect standard that aims so standardize cache coherent operations between peripherals and CPUs. The standard is evolving quickly and targets three device types, caching devices, caching devices with host managed memory, and host managed memory devices. The latter is a type 3 device and is used for memory expansion of compute platforms. A healthy ecosystem depends on standards as well as reference implementations. The Linux kernel community is actively developing CXL support for type 3 devices. In this talk we will give an overview of the current status of CXL functionality in the Linux Kernel. In addition, we will cover future development plans and provide references on how others can participate in Linux Kernel CXL development.

Paper Author: Adam Manzanares, Senior Manager, Samsung Electronics

Author Bio: Adam Manzanares is a senior manager at Samsung Electronics focused on open-source systems software. He has worked in the storage industry for over a decade focused on systems integration of emerging storage hardware. His current focus is on ecosystem enablement for emerging storage and memory hardware. Dan Williams is a Principal Engineer on the team responsible for Intel’s persistent memory (PMEM) enabling in the Linux kernel. Specifically, he established and maintains the “libnvdimm” sub-system tasked with managing platform PMEM resources. Current work involves completing the integration of DAX semantics into Linux filesystems and ongoing development of hardware platform features that intersect with PMEM. His 21-year career spans many facets of storage system-software across Intel and Facebook.