Wednesday, August 9th
8:30-9:35 AM
OMEM-201-1: Emerging Memory and Flash Innovations (Other Memory Technologies Track)
Organizer + Instructor: Bill Gervasi, Principal Systems Architect, Discobolus Designs

Paper Title: Got 175C? Got 48V? Got PMICs? eFlash powers your EVs!

Paper Abstract: The shift from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles is driving a Cambrian Explosion of new requirements for Automotive semiconductors. 175C Automotive grade 0 requirements, intelligent 48V EV motor controllers, high voltage PMICs... and much more. Highly reliable eFlash is now being integrated into foundry platforms as diverse as 100V BCD processes, to 2Xnm and 1Xnm processes to answer the call for Automotive solutions. In this talk the speaker will outline the semiconductor needs around a modern EV, highlight the all important 48V motor controller, discuss the intense heat reliability requirements, and why eFlash is the best technology to meet these needs!

Paper Author: Dave Eggleston, Sr Business Development Manager, Microchip Technology

Author Bio: Dave Eggleston is a seasoned veteran of the NVM and eNVM industry. He has been involved in multiple NVM industry breakthroughs serving as an Executive and as a Consultant with companies such as: Sandisk, Micron, Rambus, GlobalFoundries, Sony, and now Microchip. Dave is often recruited to lead NVM panel discussions for FMS and SNIA, and to provide his own broad industry views on major trends such as CXL, Persistent Memory, Emerging Memory, AI/ML, and eNVM. Dave has BSEE and MSEE degrees from Duke University and Santa Clara University, and is the inventor of more than two dozen NVM related patents.