Tuesday, August 6th
3:40-4:45 PM
AUTO-102A-1: Autonomous Vehicles - The Storage Challenges of Edge Computing (Automotive Applications Track)
Chairperson: Alan Messer, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, InnovationShift

Organizer: Andy Marken, President, Marken Communications

Paper Title: Network Drives Are the Next (R)evolution of Automotive Storage

Paper Abstract: Future cars are expected to generate massive amounts of data for every mile driven. Fueled by the growing number of cameras, sensors, radars, and Lidars with their growing resolutions, the need for larger and faster storage grows at the same time. Traditional car architectures, which bring islands of storage in each individual system, now stand to a test as more and more use cases require the same data to be accessible to multiple entities in the car in a fast and efficient way. Leveraging the trend to Ethernet as the core infrastructure of the car, NVMe Over Fabrics SSDs may provide an easily accessible, centralized, cost effective and latency-sensitive way for storing data, enabling different electronic systems in the car to reliably access this data. Integrated computation capabilities on the storage device, such as AI engines, in what is now known as computational storage, may provide even further additional value.

Paper Author: Noam Mizrahi, VP Technology, CTO Office, Marvell

Author Bio: Noam Mizrahi is a Marvell Fellow, and VP Technology and Architecture in Marvell’s CTO Office, where he focuses on edge computing and AI technologies. He previously led the definition and architecture of Marvell’s unique approach and implementation for NVMe-over-Fabrics, as well as Marvell’s developments of Computational Storage. He also served as CTO for the Smart Networked Devices and Solutions Business Group at Marvell, with a primary focus on networking, CPUs, and advanced technologies. He was previously a chief architect for Enterprise Multi-Processor SoCs and a leader in product definition and architecture for the Networking and Compute Business Unit. He has over 20 years total experience in the high-technology industry. He earned an MBA at the College of Management Business Studies and a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), both cum laude. He holds patents and has represented Marvell as a speaker at conferences and technical events.