Thursday, December 6th
2:00-3:15 PM
SOFT-201: Discussion Group on Software (Software Track Track)
Chairperson: Alan Weckel, CEO/Founder, 650 Group

Organizer: Dave Minturn, Principal Engineer, Intel

Organizer: Uma Parepelli, Sr Manager, Marvell

Organizer: Kais Belgaied, Storage & Servers Division CTO, Sanmina Corp

Paper Title: Developing High-Performance, Low-Latency Applications with NVMe-oF

Paper Abstract:

Paper Author: Anton Kolomyeytsev, Co-Founder/CEO/ Chief Architect, Starwind Software
Max Kolomyeytsev, , Starwind Software
Yuriy Khokhlov, , StarWind Software

Author Bio: Anton Kolomyeytsev is Co-Founder/CEO/ Chief Architect at StarWind Software, a developer of Software-Defined Storage for hyperconverged infrastructures. At Starwind, he designs and develops products aimed at solving storage problems in the era of big data, real-time analytics, hyperconvergence, and cloud computing. He is also responsible for the company’s vision and business strategy. Before co-founding Starwind, he held software development and engineering positions at Paragon Software, a storage software company. He earned an MS and BS in computer science from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He has three pending patents and has presented at Tech Field Day.

Author 2 Bio: Max Kolomyeytsev is a Director of Product Management at StarWind Software, a developer of Software-Defined Storage for hyperconverged infrastructures. He focuses on hyperconverged and VDI reference architectures used to improve infrastructure resiliency and performance. An IT professional for over 12 years, he has experience in performance tuning, QA, solutions architecting, and engineering. He is an active commentator on Spiceworks as Max (StarWind), and @Max_Schmeisser on Twitter. He has participated in many webinars as well as at events such as MangoCon and TechField Day.

Author 3 Bio: Yuriy Khokhlov is a Principal Software Architect and Principal Project Manager at StarWind Software. He is deeply involved in the development of a stacked management and monitoring platform for hyperconverged infrastructures. His central focus is on machine learning and AI and how they can improve the performance of cloud environments. He is responsible for such StarWind projects as Redfish/Swordfish Provider, VASA 2.0 and VVOLs Provider, SMI-S agent, and several modules for iSCSI SAN software. He has 15 years experience in the technology industry. Yuriy is also an Associate Professor at the National Technical University of Ukraine, where he lectures on the Internet of Things. He earned a PhD in electrical engineering from the National Technical University of Ukraine.