Wednesday, December 5th
3:30-4:45 PM
APPL-102: Developing New Applications (Applications Track)
Chairperson: David McIntyre, Principal Consultant, DS McIntyre Consulting

Co-Organizer: Deepankar Das, CTO, Sureline Systems

Organizer: Scott Shadley, VP Marketing, NGD Systems

Paper Title: Creating Mobile NVMe Applications with SDExpress

Paper Abstract: SDExpress is a new specification that allows SD memory cards to support a PCIe x1 interface running NVMe along with the regular SD interface. The resulting high bandwidth allows architects and system design engineers to revise their system designs to take advantage of the smaller, removable form factor in a wider variety of applications. The achievable performance levels and capacity points for various form factors open up such large market use cases as drones, augmented and virtual reality, and IoT devices.

Paper Author: Parag Beeraka, Sr Manager Product Management, Western Digital

Author Bio: Parag Beeraka is Senior Manager of Product Management at Western Digital. He is responsible for management and planning of the company’s entire removable and embedded storage product portfolio. He is also responsible for assessing market opportunities and emerging technologies, defining requirements for new products, and aligning customers and industry partners with product and technology strategies. Parag has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Kansas.