Wednesday, December 5th
3:30-4:45 PM
SOFT-102: Development Software (Software Track Track)
Chairperson: Uma Parepalli, Sr Manager, Marvell

Co-Organizer: Allen Samuels, Engineering Fellow, Western Digital

Paper Title: Distributed Endpoint Management: An NVMe-oF Scale-Out Management Solution

Paper Abstract: Currently network managers or architects must configure each NVMe-oF node (resource or consumer) individually and independently – and reconfigure them if changes occur in the network. The NVMe-oF Distributed Endpoint Management project reduces the administrative workload considerably by enabling centralized, efficient, and dynamic configuration and provisioning of NVMe-oF nodes. The project’s implementation, open-source software currently available on GitHub, makes NVMe-oF much easier to use, particularly in large-scale, dynamic installations.

Paper Author: Phil Cayton, Sr Staff Engineer, Intel

Author Bio: Phil Cayton is a Senior Staff Engineer at Intel, where he focuses on the NVMe, NVMe-oF, and NVMe-MI standards. He is currently working on improving NVMe-oF manageability, including the creation of the Distributed Endpoint Management (DEM) software which he recently posted to github. He also developed the initial NVMe-oF driver stack. He has over 23 years’ experience in software design, has applied for or been granted 17 patents, and has written 5 technical articles including a review of NVMe-oF in the data center. He earned an MS in computer engineering from the Oregon Health and Science University and a BS in computer science from Oregon State University. He has presented at several conferences, including Intel Developer Forums and Open Fabrics Alliance Annual Workshops.