Wednesday, December 5th
3:30-4:45 PM
HRDW-102: Designing NVMe/NVMe-oF Storage Systems (Hardware Track)
Chairperson: Murali Iyer, Chief Engineer for NVMe Storage Solutions, IBM Cognitive Systems Group

Organizer: David Black, Distinguished Engineer, Dell EMC

Paper Title: Creating Efficient Storage Networks with Ethernet and NVMe-oF

Paper Abstract:

Paper Author: J Metz, Office of the CTO/Board Member, Cisco Systems

Author Bio: J Metz is currently an R&D Engineer for the Office of the CTO in Cisco’s Compute and Server Group, where he focuses on directions for storage strategy. He is an award-winning public speaker, author, and contributor to industry trade publications, blogs, webinars, and conferences. He has been a leader in developing industry standards, with membership on the Board of Directors for the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Promoter’s Board. J has previous experience with QLogic and Apple. He earned his PhD from the University of Georgia. J has been a speaker, panelist, and chairperson in well-received sessions at several past Flash Memory Summits.