Wednesday, December 5th
2:00-3:15 PM
APPL-101: Moving Existing Applications to NVMe/NVMe-oF (Applications Track)
Organizer: Howard Marks, Chief Scientist, DeepStorage

Chairperson: Frederic Van Haren, Sr Analyst/Practice Lead, Evaluator Group

Organizer: Radjendirane Codandaramane, Sr. Manager, Applications Engineering, Microsemi

Paper Title: Is NVMe Right for Military/Industrial Applications?

Paper Abstract: Military/industrial applications typically do not use cutting edge storage technology because they do not need the high performance, cannot provide the required high power levels, and cannot tolerate the instability of new technologies. Although NVMe would appear initially to fail in all three areas, the future offers hope. Power and performance can be matched to an application’s needs, and NVMe is gaining stability as it gains overall market share. With the overall data storage industry moving to NVMe, other storage interfaces will decline and future advances will occur only for NVMe. With the right ruggedization and customization options, NVMe can therefore be a good fit for military/industrial applications.

Paper Author: Chris Budd, Director Engineering, SMART High Reliability Solutions

Author Bio: Chris Budd is Director of Engineering at SMART High Reliability Solutions, where he focuses on solid-state storage products for the industrial and defense markets. He has been developing solid-state storage products for over 10 years at Adtron, SMART Modular, SMART Storage Systems and now SMART HRS; his products have been used in a wide variety of industrial systems from fighter jets, to farm tractors, to oil pipelines. Having worked closely with these customers to qualify his products, he understands the unique requirements of the industrial storage market. He enjoys sharing his understanding and experiences at Flash Memory Summits and other conferences. He earned a BSE with honors in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University.