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Paper Title: Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI)

Paper Abstract:

Paper Author: Manoj Roge, , Consultant

Author Bio: Manoj Roge is a product marketing and management professional specializing in AI,<br>data center, and communications technologies. He previously led solutions planning<br>and marketing for CPU and DPU (Data Processing Unit) products at Marvell. He has<br>also worked for Synopsys, Achronix, and Xilinx. His current interests are in CPU<br>architecture, network processing, security, ASICs, and SmartNICs. He has presented<br>at many conferences, including Design Automation Conference (DAC), Flash Memory<br>Summit, Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit, and the International SoC<br>Conference. He has also written articles and whitepapers and holds several patents.<br>He earned an MSEE in VLSI Design from University of Texas at Arlington.