Wednesday, June 14th
03:10-4:10 PM
B-102: Storage/Security Applications (Data Centers Track)
Paper Title: Implementing High-Speed Storage Solutions with SmartNICs and DPUs

Paper Abstract: SmartNICs and DPUs are well-suited to accelerating networked storage solutions. In an era when state-of-the-art networks include up to 400 Gb network ports and many lanes of Gen5 PCIe, they provide a perfect solution to sit between high-performance NVMe solid-state drives and high-performance network ports. For example, they can offload encryption/decryption, compression/decompression, and deduplication, thus avoiding system slowing because of overstressed processors. Development kits and other tools such as the P4 switch programming language are now widely available. The end result is the perfect controller for a networked storage solution in any part of the data path.

Paper Author: Rob Davis, VP Storage, NVIDIA

Author Bio: Rob Davis is VP Storage Technology for the Nvidia Networking Platform Group where he focuses on ways to apply high-speed interface technology to storage solutions. As a technology leader and visionary for over 35 years, he has been a key evaluator and decisionmaker for storage networking products. He currently leads the development and marketing of products based on NVMe over fabrics and RDMA which provide high-speed networking of storage for data centers and GPU-based solutions. Before joining NVIDIA/Mellanox, he was VP/CTO at QLogic, where he drove development and marketing of Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand technology into new markets such as blade servers. Davis’ in-depth expertise spans virtualization, Ethernet, RoCE, and PCIe.