Thursday, June 15th
09:00-10:00 AM
B-201: Software 2 - Drivers and Managers (Software Track)
Paper Title: Developing Secure IPU/DPU Device Management

Paper Abstract: As IPUs, DPUs, and SmartNICs play a more critical role in datacenter deployments, their management becomes a key issue in achieving system security and robustness. The management model must allow for easy provisioning and orchestration, simple access from a variety of software levels, straightforward partitioning of services, strong security, and simple but thorough monitoring of status and performance. An example based on a popular IPU shows how to achieve all these demands and allow for later updates and additions.

Paper Author: Naru Sundar, Principal Engineer, Intel

Author Bio: Naru Sundar is a Principal Engineer/Silicon Architect at Intel, where he defines the silicon architecture and use cases for high-performance SoC switch elements. He is the Chief Architect of the new Intel Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU) E2000 and leads the development of the device’s support software for customers in all segments. Before joining Intel, he was a software engineer/manager at Fulcrum Microsystems, a maker of performance-leading Ethernet switch chips. He earned an MS in computer science from the University of Southern California. He holds six patents on networking software and silicon.