Wednesday, June 14th
02:00-3:00 PM
A-101: Networking Applications 1 – Communications Issues (Networking Track)
Paper Title: Generating Packets with SmartNICs and the P4 Language

Paper Abstract: Creating SmartNIC applications requires a platform that can handle both software and hardware development. For example, consider the development of a full-fledged traffic generator rather than just a filtering or forwarding engine. One could use the P4 programming language, often used to develop complex switches. However, implementing the generator’s basic functionalities is difficult because the toolsets provided by SmartNIC manufacturers lack required features. In a proof-of-concept project, only P4’s software implementation was suitable. A full P4 implementation of a traffic generator must await further refinements.

Paper Author: Marcin Parafiniuk, Sr Software Engineer, CodiLime

Author Bio: Marcin Parafiniuk is a Senior Software Engineer at CodiLime, where he focuses on firmware and driver development for SmartNICs. He also participates in the creation of next-generation networking software and hardware, including integration of SmartNICs with the Tungsten Fabric SDN platform and implementation of hardware offloading for 5G infrastructure. He specializes in the Rust, C/C++, and P4 programming languages. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Informatics at the University of Warsaw (Poland).