Thursday, June 15th
02:00-3:20 PM
C-202: Academic Research Review (Academic Track)
Paper Title: New Packet Queuing Method Allows for Protocol Updates and Switch Enhancements

Paper Abstract: Modern datacenters must support a wide range of protocols and in-network switch enhancements aimed at improving performance. Unfortunately, many new protocols and enhancements do not coexist gracefully with older versions because they implement network queuing differently. A new edge-queued datagram service (EQDS) solves the problem by moving almost all the queuing from the core network into the sending host. It can thus support multiple (conflicting) higher layer protocols, while only sending packets into the network when decided by a receiver-driven credit scheme. EQDS can speed-up legacy TCP and RDMA stacks, enable transport protocol evolution, and benefit from switch enhancements without the need to modify higher layer stacks. The service can be fully offloaded onto a SmartNIC without consuming host cores. Simulation and multiple implementations show that EQDS can reduce the flow completion time of legacy TCP by a factor of 2, improve NVMe-oF throughput by 30%, and run TCP safely alongside RDMA on a network.

Paper Author: Costin Raiciu, Professor, University Politehnica - Bucharest

Author Bio: Costin Raiciu is a professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania). He has over 100 published papers in such areas as Ethernet/TCP networks, mobile networks, and network congestion. He has had papers at many leading USENIX, ACM, SIGCOMM, and IEEE events including the Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, and the Symposium on SDN Research. He was a major contributor to Multipath TCP, a protocol widely used on mobile devices. He is a co-founder of Correct Networks, a developer of products for serverless packet processing. He earned a PhD in computer science at University College London (UCL).