Wednesday, January 25th
04:30-5:30 PM
B-103: Integration - 2 (Partitioning/Integration/Test Track)
Paper Title: Simple, Low-Cost Method for Connecting Off-the-Shelf Chiplets

Paper Abstract: Designers of chiplet-based devices would ideally like to plug in any available chiplet. This could include old designs (typically at older nodes), IP, library components, or third-party independent creations. However, in practice, such plug-ins are difficult if not impossible. There is no universal standard for chiplet interfaces, and connections often depend on complex and expensive advanced packaging structures (e.g., large silicon interposers). A new chiplet PHY technology provides high performance (high bandwidth/power efficiency and low latency) over conventional organic package substrates. An innovative interfacing product that converts any chiplet interface to the new PHY enables practical mix and match of chiplets with different die-to-die interfaces and in different processes. The combined solution enables mixing and matching of chiplets at a reasonable cost.

Paper Author: Ramin Farjadrad, CEO, Eliyan

Author Bio: Ramin Farjad is the founding CEO of Eliyan, a company focused on next generation chiplet-based system-in-package (SiP) solutions. He was previously the CTO/VP Networking/Automotive PHYs at Marvell, in charge of developing connectivity technologies for autonomous vehicles, hyperscale data centers, and heterogenous SiP Integration. Before that, he was Co-Founder/VP Technology of Aquantia, where he focused on Ethernet PHY technologies. Ramin has pioneered several signaling schemes adopted as international standards, such as PAM4 SerDes (IEEE 802.3cd), Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ch), Enterprise Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bz), and the BoW die-to-die connectivity scheme at OCP. He is the author of over 130 granted/pending patents. He earned a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University.