Wednesday, January 25th
03:15-4:15 PM
A-102: Applications (Design/Packaging/Interfaces/Applications Track)
Paper Title: Dynamically Reconfigurable Chiplet Substructures Advance Distributed Computing

Paper Abstract: Distributed computing in the datacenter faces significant challenges in meeting the goals of low-cost, highly scalable, and easily reconfigurable systems. Extraneous elements such as switches and motherboards add to system complexity, increase latency, create security problems, and raise costs. New protocols overcome the challenges with a dynamically reconfigurable chiplet substructure that connects adjacent servers tiled in a plane, rather than cabling each one to a switch. The results are lower cost, easier scaling, and lower latency. The solutions can be modified to address distributed computing challenges in chiplet-based systems. In particular, chiplet technology can enable single-module servers, which can then be wired together in cost-effective rack/row designs without motherboards. This approach allows for dynamic reconfiguration of logical (operating) domains and virtual (application) domains to create low-cost, ultra-low-latency systems.

Paper Author: Paul Borrill, CEO, Daedaelus

Author Bio: Paul Borrill is founder and Chief Product Officer of Daedaelus and a leading industry expert on resilient network and storage infrastructures. He has been a major contributor to modern infrastructure development at such technology-leading companies and organizations as NASA, Apple, Sun Microsystems, and Quantum. Paul was cofounder of the Hot Interconnects conference and founding chair of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). Paul was also VP Technical Activities and VP Standards for the IEEE Computer Society, the leading worldwide technical society for computer engineering. Paul earned a PhD in Physics from University College London. He has presented at many conferences on distributed systems and holds nine patents in that area.