Wednesday, January 25th
04:30-5:30 PM
D-103: Annual Update on Interfaces (Annual Update Track)
Paper Title: Annual Update on Interfaces

Paper Abstract: The common die-to-die interfaces for multi-die systems (or chiplets) today are BoW (Bunch of Wires) from the Open Compute Project (OCP) and UCIe (Universal Chiplet Interface Express) from the UCIe Consortium. Both are open standards that support many architectures and have emerging ecosystems. Both offer high throughput, low latency, low power consumption, and small chip area requirements. Both have governing bodies that will issue extensions and revisions and provide training, education, and other support. Designers must determine which is best suited for their applications currently and which offers the best forward path for later updates and product families and generations.

Paper Author: Mick Posner, Product Line Sr Group Director, Synopsys

Author Bio: Mick Posner is a Product Line Sr Group Director for High Performance Computing IP Solutions at Synopsys, where he currently focuses on multi-die systems. With almost 30 years experience in the EDA industry, he has long worked on design tools and interface IP. He created the concept and drove the marketing and technical requirements of several important Synopsys products such as the DesignWare coreAssembler. He has also published papers in ARM Developers Conference, EE Times, and Design&Reuse and is often quoted in the trade and technical press. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Brighton (UK).