Wednesday, January 25th
03:15-4:15 PM
B-102: Test (Partitioning/Integration/Test Track)
Paper Title: Micro-Textured Film Aids in Universal Handling of 3D Devices

Paper Abstract: The test and assembly of chiplet-based devices often requires moving of components before final integration. In particular, components are commonly moved within a facility for die level testing or processing. Variability in device dimensions require component carriers that can adapt quickly to rapid changes in form factor, but still maintain the JEDEC standards to fit with existing equipment and pick and place tools. Carriers must also offer a high level of protection because a single defect in a die could force the discarding of the entire part. Constant changes in IC device dimensions further increase the need for adaptable carriers. A new technology inspired by gecko fibril microstructures with reversible adhesion offers a unique approach to improved device handling.

Paper Author: Raj Varma, CTO, Delphon/Gel-Pak

Author Bio: Raj Varma, Delphon CTO, is a specialist in materials development. His current responsibilities include leading R and D activities, strengthening analytical capabilities, and initiating new market development programs. Before joining Delphon, Raj managed materials technology at companies in a wide variety of industries. He has extensive experience in concept-to-commercialization of materials to meet end use requirements. He has over 15 years experience in developing materials technologies for major brands such as Pepsi, Tyco, Gallo, Baxter, Motorola, and Procter & Gamble. Raj earned an MS degree in polymer engineering from the University of Akron (OH) and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has presented more than 20 papers at international conferences and holds both U.S. and global patents.