Wednesday, April 27th
2:00 PM-
B-101: Data Center Applications (Edge/Data Center Applications Track)
Paper Title: eFPGAs Bring the Advantages of Programmable Logic to SmartNICs

Paper Abstract: Many SmartNIC applications, particularly ones in wireless communications and cloud data centers, could benefit from programmable logic for use in making quick updates or revisions or accelerating applications. However, standalone FPGAs are often overkill – they are too expensive, take up too much board space, and dissipate too much power. The embedded FPGA (eFPGA) is a useful alternative. It provides programmable logic in a variety of sizes as part of the processing unit SoC, thus saving onboard space, power, and cost. New eFPGA design advances also reduce interconnect size and increase utilization. The latest architectures even allow quick reconfiguration through a C++ program and enables the processor to do paging with eFPGA designs. The result is greater compute density per rack through integration without degrading system performance or increasing development cost or time.

Paper Author: Ralph Grundler, Sr Director Marketing, Flex Logix

Author Bio: Ralph Grundler is Senior Director of Marketing and Architecture Solutions at Flex Logix, the leading supplier of eFPGA technology. An experienced business development professional, Ralph has a long history in the development and marketing of semiconductors, IP, SoCs, FPGAs, and embedded systems. Before joining Flex Logix, he worked at Synopsys, where he did marketing for interface IP subsystems and IP prototyping kits as well as business development for the Japanese market. He has done many video and live presentations on a wide variety of technical subjects. He has 30 years of computer and semiconductor industry experience.