Thursday, April 28th
4:00 PM-
A-203: DPU's (Architectures/Software/Tools Track)
Paper Title: Offloading Networking and Security Overhead to Nearby DPUs

Paper Abstract: Today's cloud-native applications provide both agility and scale-out capabilities, but also place great stress on network performance, security, and management. Too much traffic ends up at the central processors, burdening them and leading to system delays. A helpful solution is to develop a vendor-agnostic way to provide networking and security offload capabilities on the DPU closest to the workload. In effect, this approach extends the network all the way into the server through the DPU. A variety of use cases show how the extension leads to a more agile and more secure data center network.

Paper Author: Vikram Singh, Sr Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks

Author Bio: Vikram Singh is a Sr Product Line Manager for Juniper Networks. He currently focuses on defining and building solutions based on SmartNICs and DPUs. Vikram has extensive experience in such networking technologies as SD-WAN, SDN, security, SP Mobile, and enterprise wireless. He has worked at important companies such as HPE, Brocade, and Nuage Networks, and has published two articles on open networking. He earned a Master’s degree in Computer Networking from the University of Southern California (USC).