Wednesday, April 27th
3:10 PM-
B-102: Storage/Security Applications (Edge/Data Center Applications Track)
Paper Title: Five Ways that SmartNICs and DPUs Enhance Cybersecurity

Paper Abstract: SmartNICs and DPUs have positioned as tools to offload, accelerate and isolate networking, storage and management workloads on servers. But it’s less-well understood how they can also enhance server and network security. DPUs can in fact perform data encryption, accelerate firewall performance, enforce segmentation and access controls, and provide isolation of security function from the application domain. In addition, DPUs can be used as telemetry agents and network sensors to filter and share relevant traffic with AI-powered cybersecurity servers, which can then discover configuration errors, identify sensitive data being transported in unauthorized ways, or recognize previously unseen threats. This presentation will cover the 5 most important ways that SmartNICs and DPUs can enhance cybersecurity and help deliver elements of a zero-trust cybersecurity stance.

Paper Author: John Kim, Director Storage Marketing, NVIDIA

Author Bio: John Kim is director of product marketing for storage and cybersecurity at NVIDIA, where he helps customers and partners benefit from high-performance network connections, DPU acceleration, and AI-powered data science. A frequent blogger, conference speaker and webcast presenter, John is chair of the Storage Networking Industry Association’s Networking Storage Forum. He has worked in solution marketing, product management and alliances for enterprise software companies and at enterprise storage vendors NetApp and EMC. He joined Mellanox in 2013 and NVIDIA in 2020.