Thursday, April 28th
2:30 PM-
A-202: Edge Computing (Edge/Data Center Applications Track)
Paper Title: SmartNIC Architecture for Distributed Services at the Network Edge

Paper Abstract: The network edge offers unique advantages for the execution of networking, storage, security, and observability services in a distributed manner. SmartNICs are the ideal platform for implementing such services. They (i) are naturally on the path of each packet so there is no need for complex traffic steering, (ii) can perform more processing on each packet than appliances, because they deal with lower packet rates (i.e., a high degree of distribution enables high scale) and (iii) being close to the traffic source and destination can provide added value in implementing application logic. To properly support a wide range of distributed services, the architecture of SmartNICs must ensure performance, while allowing for maximum flexibility, which, in turn, enables a large set of applications. A System On Chip specifically designed to achieve this through a tight and efficient integration of general purpose processors, domain specific processors, and fixed function logic illustrates what is needed. The specific features and properties of each computing component can be leveraged to provide maximum performance for a set of sample real life services.

Paper Author: Mario Baldi, ,

Author Bio: Mario Baldi is a Fellow at Pensando Systems, where he is in charge of product management for APIs, software development environments, and the third generation system-on-chip. He also participates in the Architecture Workgroup of the P4 community. He was previously Director of Technology at Cisco, where he helped develop the operating system for Nexus switches. He earned a PhD in computer engineering from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy). He has published articles and given presentations on the P4 language and SmartNIC applications.