Wednesday, April 27th
4:20 PM-
A-103: Development Tools/Platforms (Architectures/Software/Tools Track)
Paper Title: Simplifying Infrastructure Offload and Management on SmartNICs

Paper Abstract: Infrastructure offload is currently the major application for SmartNICs, IPUs, and DPUs, in which they handle everything ranging from encryption/decryption and load balancing to heavy-duty protocol analysis. To develop such applications takes a wide range of systems software including drivers and APIs. Different vendors may have different APIs and abstractions. A key piece of software for handling such issues is the Infrastructure Programmer Development Kit (IPDK). IPDK is an open-source, vendor-agnostic framework for infrastructure offload and management. It enables network virtualization, storage virtualization, workload provisioning, root-of-trust, and offload capabilities. It provides a common platform for developing high-performance programs, optimizing resources, and securing infrastructure. The project is in its early days, and will require wide participation to help drive the future of infrastructure management!

Paper Author: Kyle Mestery, Sr Principal Engineer, Intel

Author Bio: Deb Chatterjee is a Senior Director of Engineering at Intel, where he leads IPU software development. His software team has developed hardware offloading of vSwitch, storage, and crypto and is currently exploring offloading of Kubernetes networking and service mesh. He has presented his work at several OVS and P4 conferences and received many divisional awards within Intel. Before joining Intel, he developed network processor software at Ericsson, video transcoders at Zenverge, and digital music players at PortalPlayer. He earned his MS degree in computer networking at University of California Santa Cruz and took an engineering executive leadership class at UC Berkeley. He holds four patents.