Thursday, June 15th
Keynote 4: AMD (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Building DPU Applications – It’s All About the Software - Click for Proceedings
Krishna Doddapaneni, Corporate VP Pensando, AMD

Special Presentation 4: Silicon Catalyst (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Incubating Semiconductor Startups - Click for Proceedings
Nick Kepler, COO, Silicon Catalyst

Special Presentation 5: OCP (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Special Presentation 6: OPI (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Special Presentation 7: SNIA SFF-TA-1034 (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
New Compact Form Factor for High-Performance Applications - Click for Proceedings
Anant Thakar, Board Member, SNIA

Keynote 5: VMware (SNS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Meeting the Latest Data Center Needs with DPUs - Click for Proceedings
Paul Turner, VP Product Management vSphere, VMware