Thursday, April 28th
A-201: System Development (Architectures/Software/Tools Track)
Simplifying SmartNIC System Testing - Click for Proceedings
Razvan Stan, Sr Engineering Manager, Keysight Technologies

Leveraging P4 in SmartNICs: Expected Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions - Click for Proceedings
Mario Baldi, Fellow, Pensando Systems

B-201: Open Networking (Edge/Data Center Applications Track)
Extending DPUs to Enable Software-Defined I/O (SDIO) - Click for Proceedings
Dhaval Parikh, Director Segment Marketing, Arm

DPUs in Open Infrastructure Deployments - Click for Proceedings
Frode Nordahl, Sr Engineer, Canonical

Dmitry Shcherbakov, Sr Engineer, Canonical

C-201: Panel on Best Architecture for SmartNICs Today (sponsored by Marvell) (Panels Track)
Panel Members:
Panelist: Jim Finnegan, Sr VP Engineering, Netronome

Panelist: Derek Chickles, Director Machine Learning, Marvell

Panelist: Rob Davis, VP Storage, NVIDIA

Panelist: John Lockwood, CEO, Algo-Logic

Panelist: Wael Noureddine, Chief Architect, Fungible

A-202: Edge Computing (Edge/Data Center Applications Track)
SmartNIC Architecture for Distributed Services at the Network Edge - Click for Proceedings
Mario Baldi, Fellow, Pensando Systems

Advantages and Use Cases for Adding the CXL interface to DPUs - Click for Proceedings
Pavel Shamis, Sr Principal Research Engineer, Arm

DPUs Help Systems Process Huge Data - Click for Proceedings
Guru Bachchu, Lead Applications Engineer, Kalray

B-202: Panel on SmartNIC Standards: What Is Needed Today?(sponsored by Keysight) (Panels Track)
B-202 Panel Presentation - Click for Proceedings
Panel Members:
Panelist: Dong Wei, Standards Architect, Arm

Panelist: Joe White, Fellow, Dell

Panelist: Vipin Jain, CTO, Pensando Systems

Panelist: Venkat Pullela, Chief of Technology, Keysight Technologies

C-202: Academic Session (Academic Track)
NanoPU: A Nanosecond Network Stack for Data Centers - Click for Proceedings
Stephen Ibanez, Researcher, Intel

Gimbal: Enabling Multi-tenant Storage Disaggregation on SmartNIC JBOFs - Click for Proceedings
Jaehong Min, Graduate Student, University of Washington

FlexTOE: Flexible TCP Offload with Fine-Grained Parallelism - Click for Proceedings
Rajath Shashidhara, Graduate Student, University of Washington

PANIC: A High-Performance NIC for Multi-Tenant Networks - Click for Proceedings
Jiaxin Lin, Graduate Student, University of Texas - Austin

A-203: DPU's (Architectures/Software/Tools Track)
Server Networking Solutions Using DPUs
John Kim, Director Storage Marketing, NVIDIA

Offloading Networking and Security Overhead to Nearby DPUs
Vikram Singh, Sr Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks

B-203: Panel on SmartNICs in 2027 & How We Got There (sponsored by X-Scale) (Panels Track)
Panel Members:
Panelist: Baron Fung, Director, Dell'Oro Group

Panelist: DK Panda, Professor, Ohio State University

Panelist: Scott Schweitzer, Sr Manager Product Planning, Achronix

Panelist: Manoj Roge, HPC / Data Center Segment Lead, Synopsys