Thursday, April 28th
Special Presentation 3: COBO (SNS 2022 Keynotes Track)
Special Presentation by COBO - Click for Proceedings
Rebecca Schaevitz, Board Member, COBO

Keynote 4: Juniper Networks (SNS 2022 Keynotes Track)
Using DPUs and SmartNICs to Improve the User Experience in the Cloud Era
Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper Networks

Keynote 5: Intel (SNS 2022 Keynotes Track)
Driving the Future Data Center with Programmable Infrastructure
Brad Burres, Fellow/Chief Architect, Intel

Keynote 6: AMD (SNS 2022 Keynotes Track)
SmartNICs Distribute Computing in the Era of Clouds, AI, and Big Data
Seong Kim, Sr Director Data Center Solutions Architect, AMD

Keynote 7: NVIDIA (SNS 2022 Keynotes Track)
DPUs: Big Data Demands a Third Socket in Computer Platforms
Ami Badani, VP Marketing, NVIDIA