Thursday, January 26th
Keynote 4: Intel (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Open Architectures to Accelerate Industry Growth - Click for Proceedings
Bob Brennan, VP Customer Solutions Engineering, Intel

Special Presentation 3: 3DInCites (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Supporting the Chiplet Integration Ecosystem - Click for Proceedings
Dean Freeman, Contributing Editor, 3DInCites

Keynote 5: Corigine (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Speeding up Chiplet-Based Design Through Hardware Emulation - Click for Proceedings
Jim Finnegan, Sr VP Engineering, Netronome

Special Presentation 4: SNIA (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
New Storage Technologies and Trends: Accelerating through Standards and Open Com - Click for Proceedings
Mark Carlson, Principal Engineer, SNIA

Keynote 6: Open Compute Project (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Creating a Vibrant Open Chiplet Economy - Click for Proceedings
Bapi Vinnakota, ODSA Project Lead, Open Compute Project

Cliff Grossner, VP Market Intelligence, Open Compute Project

Thursday Lunch (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)