Wednesday, January 25th
Introduction to Chiplet Summit (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Introduction to Chiplet Summit - Click for Proceedings
Charles Sobey, General Chair, Chiplet Summit

Keynote 1: Applied Materials (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Heterogeneous Integration in the AI Era
Subi Kengeri, VP AI System Solutions, Applied Materials

Special Presentation 1: UCIe Consortium (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Enabling an Open Chiplet Ecosystem at the Package Level - Click for Proceedings
Brian Rea, UCIe Consortium Marketing Working Group Chair, UCIe™ Consortium

Keynote 2: proteanTecs (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
Leverage Agents to Boost Chiplet Design and Reliability - Click for Proceedings
Nitza Basoco, VP Business Development, proteanTecs

Special Presentation 2: RISC-V International (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
RISC-V and Chiplets Powering the Next Leap Forward in Compute Systems Architectu - Click for Proceedings
Balaji Baktha, CEO, Ventana Micro Systems

Keynote 3: Silicon Catalyst (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)
How Chiplets Can Help You Profit from Chips for America - Click for Proceedings
Daniel Armbrust, Founder, Silicon Catalyst

Wednesday Lunch (sponsored by Achronix) (CS 2023 Keynotes Track)